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Free EP ahead of East London party

MadTech, the mutated house spin off of Kerri Chander's Mad House label, is teaming up with Pedro123's Crystal Culture label for a party at Hoxton Arches, East London, this Friday (15th June).

To give us a flavour of what's in store, they've granted DJ Mag readers the chance to download a full MadTech EP for free. Yes, you read that right. It'll cost you nuthin', nudda, diddly squat, zip… Not only that, it's mint!

Featuring talent from the Crystal Culture roster, all of whom are playing at the event, it features Y3K hip-hop from Chesslo Junior (pictured), chunky house from Semedo and a liquid garage cut from BNRY.

Also on the bill alongside Pedro123, they also have MadTech's Az & Tor and Unit7, so get on the d/l and buy yo'self a ticket (HERE)...