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This new Daft Punk book charts the legacy of the Robots

The Real Daft Punk includes 1997 and 2001 interviews...

Daft Punk are the subject of a new book that claims to provide “vital insight into how the duo achieved unparalleled success without compromising artistic integrity or musical vision”.

The Real Daft Punk, by the Toronto-based author Harris Rosen, includes 1997 and 2001 interviews with Daft Punk duo Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, 80 behind-the-scenes photos, a Daft Punk discography and the history of Da Mongoloids, a DJ collective that (briefly) included Daft Punk alongside Armand Van Helden, DJ Sneak and Basement Jaxx.

The book’s description on Amazon claims that the title will offer “a profound reflection of the tidal ebbs and flows of dance music intersected with divergent thinking”.

Rosen has written nine music books to date, including N.W.A: The Aftermath, The Real Eminem: Broke City Trash Rapper and The Real Sean Combs.

Meanwhile, tickets remain for a live performance by the Daft Punk Orchestra in Glasgow on 13th September, where the 13-piece orchestra will rework the French duo’s greatest hits.

Anyone feeling inspired can learn how to play Daft Punk’s ‘Da Funk’ in 60 seconds.