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Pioneer launch new version of their RekordBox software...

Three is the magic number for Pioneer and their rekordbox software and app. Version 3 brings a string of new features to Pioneer’s set preparation software, starting with a completely new Graphical Interface — or GUI, if you’re a tech-savvy geek. The new interface makes it easier to manage and edit your playllists, search for and select the best tracks to mix, and sync track information across multiple devices and software.

Rekordbox Version 3 is a completely new piece of code, meaning it’s been totally revamped and rewritten — and isn't just an update of the previous versions. Version 3 now allows DJs to preview possible mixes under the 2-Player Mode, which lets DJs crossfade between two tracks to audition mixes from within the software. Mixes that work can be marked as a Match for quick and easy retrieval in the future, while Related Track lets DJs call up all tracks that meet certain tags, eg. BPM, genre or key. Plus, My Tag gives DJs the option to add their own tags to suit their individual style.

There is a host of other refinements that makes Rekordbox 3 an even more powerful piece of DJ Software, which can be used with all the newer Pioneer Nexus players and equipment. The good news is that it's a free download.