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Roland Team Up with Puma for 808 Inspired Trainers

The latest RS-0 takes its cue from the colour and style of the classic drum machine… 

Roland have teamed up with Puma for a new trainer called the RS-0. A remake of a Puma classic way ahead of its time, the RS-0 takes its colour cue from the orange, red and yellow colour scheme of the classic TR-808 drum machine. It's not the first time Roland have teamed up with a sneaker company, having released an Adidas collaboration last year that included a tempo control and six different pre-programmed beats. 

While the Adidas collab was never meant for mass market, the RS-0 look a bit more feasible to end up on store shelves. No word yet on pricing or availability. Earlier this week Roland announced a collaboration with UNIQLO, with some 808- and 909-inspired tees