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Serato DJ Pro update removes need for hardware: Watch

The new major update also overhauls Serato Lite…

Serato DJ Pro has finally arrived after an extended beta period. The new version of the popular DJ software sees some major updates including a new practice mode, letting users use the software without compatible hardware.

In Practice Mode you can add cue points, loop points to prepare for your sets. Serato DJ Pro also has an overhauled GUI including a new 2x4 cue point layout to mirror what you’d find n the majority of Serato controllers. Serato DJ Intro has been re-branded Serato DJ Lite, which also adds Practice Mode and also adopts the new GUI with Retina support.

Watch both videos below to find out what else is new and if you need to bolster your Serato setup on a budget, Pioneer DJ’s new DJM-S3 is the mixer for you. For more creative use, Roland’s latest Serato controllers also come with built-in 808 and 909 sounds.