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A Spiritual Thing

We want some Shimla Jewellery in our lives…

We’re all over Shimla’s shamballa style bracelets. Tibetan inspired and hand crafted from semi-precious stones, each with a message designed to sooth the soul. Rose quartz for peace, amethyst to promote calmness and serenity, garnet to boost confidence and tigers eye to encourage clear thinking.

It’s unisex all the way with Shimla, a brand that’s rapidly become a favourite with celebs, hipsters and cool cats. This season their collections went up a notch with the introduction of the Spun bracelet, with a delicate, detailed finish and silver charm; as well as a range of chunky, crystal rings. Ranging from £40 to £75 is a major plus to the idea of bagging one for yourself and treating a friend at the same time.