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He’s a big fan of Jeff Mills, Dave Clarke and Carl Cox though…

Laidback Luke has taken to social media forum Reddit to bemoan the lack of DJ skills in modern-day dance music.

The Dutch veteran was responding to a question on the state of festivals in 2016 and, in typically outspoken fashion, the DJ and producer didn’t hold back. He said he’s “ashamed of DJ standards nowadays,” and that many big names “don’t have half the skills of a lot of bedroom DJs trying to make it.”

In the lengthy response he went on to say, “I’m disappointed at the level of DJing nowadays. Especially if you keep in mind the shit ton of money we get paid. Shouldn’t you be an expert at what you do then?

“The quality of experience will get so much better than just being amazed by a guy standing on the DJ booth and yelling through the mic that you should make some noise. People don’t know how fucking easy that is!

“Obviously I could do that too. It’s harder to do live mashups for instance. Or pick the right song on the exact moment. Or working the third deck on the fly. Standing on the booth, nah man.

“I appreciate anyone that can weave a good story and build up as well. Unfortunately, they are rarely to be found. Even in the underground.”

He wouldn’t be drawn on which DJs he’s “ashamed” of, but did go on the namecheck Jeff Mills, Dave Clarke, Frankie Bones, Carl Cox and John Digweed as winning his respect.

Laidback Luke was voted No. 64 in DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs Poll. In February, he celebrated all things love and marriage when he talked to us with his wife, Gina Turner. You can listen to the mix from that chat below.

Rob McCallum is DJ Mag’s digital news writer. Follow him on Twitter here.