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Eoin Murray
13 March 2023, 12:51

Premiere: Alec Pace ‘Future Now? (Stenny Remix)’

early reflex founder Alec Pace invites Sobolik, Klahrk and Stenny to remix his dizzying ‘Future Now?’ EP 

Premiere: Alec Pace ‘Future Now? (Stenny Remix)’

Alec Pace has invited three artists to reimagine tracks from his 2022 EP, ‘Future Now?’, on his own early reflex label. Listen to Stenny’s remix of the title track below. 

New York’s Sobolik and London’s Klahrk also contribute, putting their own hyperkinetic twists on Pace’s dizzying leftfield club mutations. Pace himself completes the suite with an unreleased track of his own, reshaping elements of the original release into a lower tempo cut titled ‘Is This Future Now?’. 

Exploring ideas relating to technology’s relentless advancement, the Turin-based DJ and producer curates another collection of high-definition club music with a healthy dose of sensory overload. Speaking about the release, Pace said: “Is This Future Now? pushes further the concept of dystopian future originally depicted in ‘Future Now?’ EP. New technologies and artificial intelligence will have an even deeper influence on our lives and on the way people interact with each other. It has been a blessing to have the support and the contribution from such talented pool artists and producers such as Stenny, Sobolik and Klahrk who enabled bringing out further elements from the concept into their remixes.”

Ilian Tape affiliate and fellow Turin-born artist Stenny delivers a typically thunderous take on the title track, introducing thunderous techno kicks and growling bass throbs without losing any of the glitchy experimentalism of the original. 

‘Is This Future Now?’ will be released on 24th March. Pre-order it here.