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Premiere: Compliments ‘Après - Garde (Tomgirl Can't Sit Still)’

Mantissa Records returns with four dancefloor slammers spanning cosmic house, acid garage and techno-fied bassline

Photo of the producer Compliments smiling in an orange t-shirt. They have long curly brown hair and are wearing glasses and have a tote bag over their shoulder. They're standing in front of a playground and there are cherry blossom trees in the background

London’s Mantissa Records will release a new V/A compilation this month. Listen to Compliments’ ‘Après - Garde (Tomgirl Can't Sit Still)’ below. 

Since launching in 2021, the label has dished up three V/As and two solo EPs, the most recent of which being a suite of breaksy, acid-dipped belters from Scuffed Recordings’ Ian DPM. The four tracks on ‘Mant005’ all come from artists who’ve previously appeared on the label, and occupy similarly bouncy dancefloor terrain, from the pumping cosmic house arpeggios of Unknown Artist’s ‘Slide’ to the plump UKG of Bex’s ‘Keep It Light’. 

Ian DPM returns with another acidic slice, dipping its fizzy garage beat into a vat of sub bass and 303s. Compliments, who released their ‘Tomgirl’ EP via Mantissa last September, delivers the EP’s boldest moment, revving up the BPM for a high-speed dose of technoid bassline. With chopped up vocals (“Might lose my ja-ja-ja-jacket”), an irresistible squelch and thunderous kicks, this is proper t-shirt swinging material. Massive.

‘Mant005’ will be released on 19th May. Pre-order it here