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Premiere: Doubt ‘Move’

Hard drum aficionado, Doubt, returns to Flood with the ‘Steam Cycle’ EP. Hear the rousing, thunderous percussion on ‘Move’ now

Doubt will release his new EP, ‘Steam Cycle’ on 4th October.

The four track EP will be released via Cork label, Flood, which Doubt co-founded in 2017. Since then, the label has become a bastion for the genre, with a sound defined by heavy, syncopated percussion and minimal (but very effective) electronic flourishes. Having played alongside scene originators such as NKC, they have also become key reference points for the genre’s development. This has been thanks to the wealth of digital releases on the label, the label’s tracks becoming a trademark in many a DJ set and recorded mix.

Doubt’s latest offering, his first since January 2018, is rapturous. Featuring three original cuts of thunderous percussion and atmosphere, as well as a fierce remix from Her Records/Async Figure mainstay Suda, its some of the finest work in the hard drum sphere we’ve heard to date. 

Check out ‘Move’ below. 

Pre-order ‘Steam Cycle’ here.