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Premiere: Evigt Mörker 'Sträng tand'

Swedish producer Evigt Mörker returns to Northern Electronics with his debut album, 'Krona'. Hear the hypnotic atmospherics and rhythmic chug of A-side closer 'Sträng tand' now.

Evigt Mörker will release his debut album via Northern Electronics later this month.

Following a string of releases on the Stockholm-based imprint, the Swedish producer returns to the label home to productions from the likes of co-owners Anthony Linell and Varg, and Toronto's E-Saggila, with his latest offering, 'Krona'. 

The nine-track album journeys through multi-faceted textures and experimental techno sonics, weaving through syncopated beats and warped synths. 'Krona' is as diverse as it is complex, with Mörker exploring lighter territories on tracks like 'Kvävd' and 'Utan svaghet', before spiralling back into frenzied soundscapes on 'Fulländad värld' and 'Sträng tand'.

On the latter, Mörker layers a rhythmic four-four drum pattern and abstract pads to create a heady, dense dance-floor atmosphere, with the addition of other-worldy elements propelling 'Sträng tand' into all out chaos.

'Krona' is out on the 27th September. Pre-order the album here and listen to 'Sträng tand' below.