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Premiere: Lee Gamble ‘Newtown Got Folded’

Lee Gamble concludes his Flush Real Pharynx release trilogy for Hyperdub with 'A Million Pieces Of You'. Hear ‘Newtown Got Folded’ now

Lee Gamble will complete his Flush Real Pharynx trilogy for Hyperdub this September with the release of 'A Million Pieces Of You'. You can hear ‘Newtown Got Folded’ from the release below. 

The trilogy commenced in 2019 with the release of 'In A Paraventral Scale' and 'Exhaust'. While those releases burst with maximal sonics intended to reflect the relentless of modern life  – frenzied rhythms, jolting melodies and manipulated natural sounds were stretched and pulled apart in myriad directions – ‘A Million Pieces Of You’ was, by contrast, written in a time of stillness, when the pandemic brought life to a sudden halt, and introduced a wholly different form of anxiety to the fore: one of hopelessness, loss and fear. 

The resulting music is more restrained, but no less affecting; Gamble’s hyper detailed electronic compositions exhilarate in different ways across these seven tracks, tilting from the physical into the emotional, while still packing an appropriate punch. 

'A Million Pieces Of You' begins with a deepfake rendering of Gamble's own voice, and AI and deep learning models are explored across the whole record.

Listen to ‘Newtown Got Folded’ below. 

Hyperdub will release 'A Million Pieces Of You' digitally on September 10th, with a 12" vinyl release set to follow on November 5th. All three parts of the triptych will also be collected together for 'Flush Real Pharynx 2019 – 2021', which will be released digitally and on CD on September 10th.

Pre-order 'A Million Pieces Of You' here.

Photo credit: Sam Clarke