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Hyperdub to release new EP from Lee Gamble, ‘Exhaust’: Listen

The EP is the second part of Gamble’s ‘Flush Real Pharynx’ triple album

Lee Gamble has announced the second part in his ongoing triptych of records, 'Flush Real Pharynx'.

'Exhaust' sees Gamble continue to explore the three stages of the' Semioblitz', a term popularised by the writer Mark Fisher which refers to "the aggressive onslaught of visual and sonic stimuli of contemporary cities and virtual spaces".

The first part of the series, 'In A Paraventral Scale', came out in February of this year and saw Gamble introducing the concept. The second part, a press release explains, "explores the world as we know it - explosive, chaotic, unpredictable, contradictory, intoxicating, hyper-colourful, blown-apart and disturbingly engaging in its surreality".

Hyperdub will release 'Exhaust' on November 15th. You can listen to 'Glue', the first track to be shared from the release, below.

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