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Add some retro vibes to your Korg Minilogue with this new mod

The custom mod called carrier37 is styled around the Commodore SX-64 computer

A new mod from Love Hultén turns the Korg Minilogue synth into a retro-styled synth with a detachable keyboard and wooden panelling. The mod, called carrier37, is styled around a classic Commodore computer and was made by Love Hultén in Sweden, who's previously created custom retro objects, usually as a one-off, though some of his items are for sale on his store

The main panel of the Minilogue remains intact, except all the knobs have been replaced with orange ones, while a new pitch-bend has been added to the newly detached keyboard. The Carrier37 is due to cost around $2,500 with a lead time of around 5 weeks per order – not cheap, but a pretty cool studio or live performance talking point. Watch the video below to see it in action. 

For some more retro goodness via Korg, their new Gadget update came with some Sega and arcade bundles for authentic ’80s sounds.