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Police punish the club because an event last weekend overran...

Ibiza’s authorities have revoked Amnesia’s late licence for this weekend's forthcoming closing party after an event over the weekend reportedly overran.

It’s not the first time the super club has ignored the Police's pleas to stick to the agreed closing time  last year they are aid to have ignored their licensing agreement on 15 separate occasions.

This weekend's closing party was meant to finish at midday on Sunday instead of its usual 6am finish. But Ibiza’s police authorities have decided to punish the club for ignoring the agreed closing time by revoking its late licence.

"The town hall cannot be sure that the club will stick to the new times, just like they didn't last year," told San Antonio councillor Juanjo Ferrer to Diario de Ibiza.

Authorities in Ibiza have had a busy few months this summer, as 87 venues have now been raided as part of Operation Chopin, including Amnesia, which was hit back in July, followed by Space and Privilegebefore millions of pounds in euros were said to be found in Pacha and Ushuaïa.

Update: the original version of this story stated that Cocoon’s closing party overran. This was incorrect.