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ANNA and East Forest’s ‘Let You In’ gets Max Cooper remix: Listen

"Just to have him as part of my 'Intentions' album was such a gift."

ANNA East Forest Max Cooper remix

ANNA and East Forest's 'Let You In' has been remixed by Max Cooper. Check out the new version below. 

The original track first appeared on Brazilian techno artist ANNA's recent ambient electronic album, 'Intentions', her first long form foray into the genre, which arrived in May. Collaborators credited on the release include Laraaji, Jon Hopkins, and contemporary classical maestro East Forest. Known for his innovative approach to production, sound and visual design, Cooper's take on 'Let You In' sees the original dubby, melodic ride evolve via complex drum arrangements and glitchy effects, while still retaining the highly emotive atmosphere. 

“I have been a fan of Max Cooper for years!!! Just to have him as part of my ‘Intentions’ album was such a gift. But when I heard his remix for the first time it was such a joy! What a beautiful, perfectly produced piece of music. It strongly has his signature sound and also the essence of our original track. East Forest and I could not be happier with this one. So much love to Max for this incredible work," said ANNA. 

Cooper added: “The original has a beautiful piano riff I wanted to reimagine for the remix. So I mapped it to a synth and let that guide me through the development and arrangement, playing with delay and filtering to add my own expression on top of what was already there. The flow of that one element then more or less set what needed to fit around it. It needed a lot of taming and balancing to try keep the soft vibe whilst letting things open up a bit, and then finally, a lot of micro-detailing around the main structure for any of you who like listening with a good stereo field to find the hidden elements."

Last month, ANNA followed the release of 'Intentions' with a short film, 'Journey Into Intentions'. You can watch the video here.