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Christian Eede
22 May 2024, 16:27

Ciel announces new EP, 'Sada's Dream', shares 'Bubble Gum Pop': Listen

The five-track record is out later this month

Ciel announces new EP, 'Sada's Dream', shares 'Bubble Gum Pop': Listen

Ciel has a new EP on the way, titled 'Sada's Dream'.

Set for release on DJ and producer Cleveland's Brussels-based label SUZI, the five-track record explores fast tempos, as well as dubstep and house rhythms. Its origins lie in a live set that the Canadian DJ and producer played at last year's MUTEK Montréal.

Speaking about the release in an Instagram post, Ciel wrote: "When [Cleveland] first hit me up about doing a release, I was already a big fan of the label's previous releases and felt really honoured to be asked. I had wanted to release some of my favourite parts from my debut live PA for some time already, and this just seemed like the best home for them. As a producer with diverse musical interests, I have always worked from a rather large stylistic universe. Playing live for the first time really taught me how to narrow that focus while still remaining commited to an open-genre philosophy. What has resulted from this experiment is, in my opinion, my most cohesive collection of dancefloor tracks yet."

'Sada's Dream' will be fully released on Friday, 31st May. You can listen to lead track 'Bubble Gum Pop' below.

The new EP will follow on from the release of Ciel's debut album, 'Homesick', last November, as well as the 'Orlando' EP last September.