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Martin Guttridge-Hewitt
23 March 2023, 11:36

Daft Punk share unreleased track, ‘The Writing of Fragments of Time’ featuring Todd Edwards: Listen

The “documentary track” lands as part of the ‘Random Access Memories’ 10th anniversary edition

Daft Punk share unreleased track, ‘The Writing of Fragments of Time’ featuring Todd Edwards: Listen

Daft Punk have shared the first unreleased track from the forthcoming special edition version of 'Random Access Memories'. Check out 'The Writing of Fragments of Time' featuring Todd Edwards below alongside its video, directed by Cédric Hervet. 

The tune is one of nine previously unreleased pieces to make it onto the 'Random Access Memories' 10th Anniversary Edition', which is available for pre-order now. Described as a "documentary track", it is made from moments captured during a session at the Henson Recording Studios in Hollywood, where artists from Deep Purple to Lady GaGa have previously made music. 

A collaboration with US garage legend Todd Edwards, who previously featured with Daft Punk on the 'Discovery LP',  'Fragments of Time' featured on the original version of RAM. Setting a tape to record every minute of the process, a decade later some of what was caught behind-the-scenes now features on 'The Writing of the Fragments of Time'. 

"When Thomas [Bangaltar] reached out to me to tell me that they were going to do this, well it was really cool because they had the audio recording as we were writing this song in Studio B of Henson Studios in LA. And so it's just cool because it just captured these really authentic moments, laughing and just being blown away," said Edwards while speaking to Zane Lowe about the track on Apple Music 1.   

"I mean, we both were writing, but you could hear... You'll hear me laughing because Thomas came up with some really damn witty lines in it," he continued. "It's emotional for me... it was a natural reaction to just get a big smile on my face and bring me back to that moment. The whole experience was life changing for me, and I don't say that... I'm not being dramatic... It started a new journey in my life... it wasn't intentionally like, oh they saved me, but it definitely had a major impact." 

'Random Access Memories' 10th Anniversary Edition' lands on 12th May.

Last week, Edwards was among a long list of high profile names unveiled as interviewees in a new book on Daft Punk, 'After Daft'.