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April Clare Welsh
24 May 2023, 13:32

DJ Bone announces final album on Subject Detroit, ‘FURTHER’

Check out first single 'The Will To Overcome' now

Photo of DJ Bone standing on a tall roof overlooking Amsterdam train station in a green jacket
Credit: Tim Buiting

DJ Bone has announced the final album to be released on his Subject Detroit label, titled 'FURTHER'. Check out the LP's first single, 'The Will To Overcome', below.

After a five-year hiatus, DJ Bone aka Eric Dulan will bring the decades-old label to a close with one last LP, which also marks the final chapter in Dulan's 'Beyond' album trilogy following 2018’s ‘Beyond’ and ‘A Piece Of Beyond'.

Dulan founded Subject Detroit in 1995 to put out politically-focused techno and christened it in 1998 with the debut ‘Unleashed’ EP. In 2022, the entire Subject Detroit back catalogue was added to streaming platforms for the first time.

“I want to convey how I feel at times as a creative: like I’m in a room screaming, coming up with dope ideas and one of a kind moves... but the room I’m in is soundproof and has no windows," said Dulam of the album.

He continued: “The only way to know or experience what’s in there is to go inside. The outside of the room is not shiny or fancy so it’s pretty much ignored. People stumble upon the room in their quest for something uniquely different. And once inside their minds are blown.”

The album will be available as a triple-vinyl LP from 16 June 2023. Pre-order a copy here and

'FURTHER' will also form the name of a brand new imprint from Dulan, which is due to launch later this year. 

“FURTHER is the vessel for my true autonomy. Whenever you say FURTHER, it doesn’t stop. It never stops," he adds.

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