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Facebook will soon let you charge viewers for access to your livestream

It's the first in a series of overhauls from Facebook around their live streaming platform 

Facebook will soon allow streamers to charge viewers to watch their live streams. The move comes as the landscape for streaming has changed dramatically in the past weeks and months, as the world locks down and clubs and venues remain closed. Users can soon set up 'online-only' events and users can 'purchase access' in advance, and non-profits can add a donate button to their stream. 

Creating a traditional Facebook Event around a stream is a logical way to generate both reminders for the viewers and to develop a consistent audience, so for DJs and musicians, it's a useful feature. For the audience, another new useful feature is the ability to listen to just the audio, and not stream the video, to save data if they just want to listen to the mix for example.

No info is available yet on when the ability to charge for events and streams will be rolled out – we'll update you as soon as we know more. In the meantime, read our guide to five ways to make your stream stand out