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Martin Guttridge-Hewitt
6 October 2022, 15:26

Fever Ray returns with new single and video, ‘What They Call Us’: Watch

It's Karin Dreijer's first work under the moniker since 2017

Fever Ray What They Call Us

Fever Ray has returned with a new single, 'What They Call Us', which landed on Rabid Records this week and can be heard below. 

Karin Dreijer's first work under the moniker in five years sees them team up with former-The Knife partner, Olof Dreijer, and hand video direction and storyboard duties to long-time collaborator Martin Falck, starring Fever Ray as an admin worker.

Wheeling their office chair through increasingly dark and surreal environments, the artist winds up in a hallucinatory forest. Typically mysterious stuff considering their back catalogue, the track itself matches the tone with slow, sparse, broken drums, otherworldly vocals, and disjointed synths. 

Following the release of their last album, 2017's 'Plunge', Fever Ray cancelled a major tour due to "general anxiety and panic attacks", adding to a vital industry-wide conversation about music, creativity and mental health. Between now and then, the LP was remixed by Paula Temple, DJ Marfox, Glasser and more, and Fever Ray contributed to a limited edition vinyl EP on which they remixed Björk, Björk remixed them, and The Knife were also involved. 

Image: Karolina Pajak