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Martin Guttridge-Hewitt
30 March 2023, 15:03

Gash Collective announces new compilation of Irish electronic music

Featuring Roo Honeychild, DJ Boyfriend, Roibï, E The Artist, Sweet Philly and more

Gash Collective announces new compilation of Irish electronic music

Gash Collective will release a new compilation of Irish electronic music next month. 'GASH TRAX VOL.2' is due out on 24th April, and you can check out the video for one of the tracks, 'Leader' by Alyxis, below. 

The collective, co-founded by DJ and producer ELLLL and DJ and curator Lolz in 2016, provides a platform for women, LGBTQ+ and minority artists in Ireland with curated events, workshops, releases and broadcast residencies. The new ten-track album looks to celebrate this community, spotlighting artists including Roibï, ANIMWAL, DJ Boyfriend, Roo Honeychild, Sweet Philly, E The Artist, Oval Orbs, Serial Experiments Jane and To Apeiron. Check the full tracklist below.  Cover artwork for the release was designed by Orla King. 

In a statement about the release, the collective's founders said: “The spirit of Gash Collective has always been to support and spotlight minority talent; this compilation certainly echoes that sentiment. This release is especially meaningful to me, as when we founded Gash in 2016, it was near impossible to find producers willing to share their tracks,"

"There was a general lack of confidence and a feeling from many minority artists that the music technology sphere was not a very inclusive one," they continued. "Now in 2023, we have a collection of ten tracks by some of the finest and most exciting artists across Ireland. These tracks display a diverse scene, which is growing in confidence and finding its voice. While we can always do more regarding inclusivity and visibility, it's very encouraging to see that things are slowly beginning to change”.

‘GASH TRAX VOL​.​1’ was released in 2020 via DIY label Art For Blind. 


2. ANIMWAL - 'Por que sempre eu?'
3. DJ Boyfriend - 'Tendrils'
4. E The Artist - 'THIS MUTUAL CORE'
5. Oval Orbs - 'Standing Upright'
6. Roibí - 'AtaVision'
7. Roo Honeychild - 'Grease Monkey'
8. Serial Experiments Jane - 'Diurnal Girl'
9. Sweet Philly - 'Bandeau'
10. To Apeiron - 'Let Me Know'