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The club's new comp is lookin' large...

Mix CDs are a dime a dozen on the White Isle, with almost every super-club releasing exclusive recordings throughout the season. Amnesia’s latest offering looks particularly tasty, with the mega-club drafting in DJ faves Mar-T, Betoko and Hector Couto to mix this year’s compilation. We catch up with Hector Couto (Pictured) to find out what to expect from his contribution...

You’ve mixed the second disc of the ‘Amnesia Ibiza 2016’ compilation — talk us through your selections...
“Well, for this compilation I’ve tried to offer a mix more focused on joyful sounds, more of a day party vibe, with tracks from Audiojack, Richy Ahmed, DJ T, Butch, Riva Starr and many others. There’s also tracks from my own imprint, Roush, including one from Vidal Rodriguez and another from myself — hope you enjoy it.”

In your opinion, what sets Amnesia apart from the other clubs on the island?
“The club has a lovely vibe with some of the world’s biggest parties like Cocoon, Music On, Together and Hyte. I love to play there and the crowd is always amazing, the atmosphere is incredible, it’s a must-visit!”

Tell us three things an Ibiza raver should never leave home without?
“Suncream, flip-flops, sunglasses!”

Finally, what’s the best mix CD you’ve ever heard?
“‘Fabric 70: Apollonia’.”

Amnesia’s ‘Ibiza 2016’ compilation mixed by Mar-T, Betoko and Hector Couto is out now — purchase it here.