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DC-10 regular, producer and DJ Cassy talks pop music, Ibiza line-ups and Space’s final year...

If you’re a fan of DC-10, you’re probably already familiar with Cassy. The talented DJ/producer has been a prominent force at both Jamie Jones’ Paradise parties and much-loved DC-10 rave-up, Circo Loco, over the last five years, plus she’s also found time to produce an album and tour the globe in the process. Her new album ‘Donna’ dropped via AUS Music earlier this year to rave reviews, and cemented her place as one of dance music’s most influential and fascinating producers. 

Born in England but raised in Austria, she relocated to Philadelphia to record said album last year, to team up with legendary producer King Britt. After shopping around a few labels, Cassy finally settled with Will Saul’s seminal imprint AUS Music — a label that blew out the candles on their 10th birthday cake earlier this year. She cites her influences as everyone from Sade to Spandau Ballet, and has been famously outspoken for most of her long-standing career. 

Cassy’s also inspired the likes of fellow fierce DJs Laura Jones, B.Traits and La Fleur, plus shared the booth with everyone from Sven Vath to D’Julz over the past two decades. With this in mind, DJ Mag Ibiza meets up with the straight-talking DJ on the White Isle for some pertinent questions about Ibiza and beyond.... 

You’ve just dropped a new album, what was the toughest part of the process?
“The toughest process was definitely getting it released. Finding a good label that shared my love and appreciation for the album, and what I wanted to achieve.” 

You’re a wide ranging DJ — is there any style of music you can’t stand?
“Yes, most of today’s pop music.”

Vinyl? Digital? Both? Who cares?
“You know what? Who cares if you know what you’re doing. But for people who have no clue, vinyl.”

You’ve been coming to Ibiza for many years, in your opinion are the island’s line-ups becoming too homogenous?
“No, I think some of the music is becoming too homogenous. As are some of the DJs’ outfits.” 

Space closing — good timing? Too soon?
“It’s hard for me to tell because I have not experienced Space like other people have. I wish I could have experienced it more because I think it is the best club on the island, alongside DC-10, for many reasons. DC-10 is of course my favourite place to play and my home, but in my opinion Space has the best soundsystem and set-up which caters to a wide range of nights and music genres.”

What’s the most awkward thing that’s ever happened to you on the island?
“The regular occurrence of going from the club to the after-party and having to be exclusive with who can come, and who can not come. One of the reasons I stopped going to after-parties.” 

You're both a mum and a successful touring DJ, what’s the secret to professional/personal balance?
“A great boyfriend, a good nanny, and an open mind-set.” 

* Cassy’s ‘Donna’ LP is out now on Aus Music, and you can her spin at Circo Loco and Paradise at multiple dates throughout the season.