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Hyperdub announces new album from Loraine James, ‘For You And I’

 Hear the first single, ‘Sick 9‘ now

London-based producer and artist Loraine James will make her debut on Hyperdub in September with her new album, ‘For You And I’.

'For You And I' still boasts James’ abrasive production style, but the softer themes make for an absorbing listening experience, in stark contrast to her ‘Button Mashing’ EP on New York Haunted earlier this year. Divided into two primary thematic strands, ‘For You And I’ is a deeply personal exploration of being in a queer relationship in London through its first part, and of her upbringing and lived experience in the latter. The album artwork shows the estate where James grew up – the place she started making music, where she learnt of her father and uncle's passing, and also where she came out to her mother.

Speaking of the album, James said: “I’m in love and wanted to share that in some way. I wanted to make songs that reflect layers of my relationship. A lot of the time I’m really scared in displaying any kind of affection in public... This album is more about feeling than about using certain production skills. The other half of the album is about me, and I wanted it to be about only me."

James’ goals for the album resonate through ‘For You And I’s 11 tracks. Layered with effusive textures, soft percussion and experimental synths, the level of exposure is prominent especially on ‘So Scared’ and ‘Glitch Bitch’, which include intimate vocal cuts from both James and her girlfriend. Le3 BLACK and London vocalist Theo also feature on the album.

You can hear the first track to be shared from the album, 'Sick 9', below. 

'For You And I' will be released via Hyperdub on 20th September. Pre-order here.