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Jeff Mills to debut new party concept, a “musical journey to the moon’s lunar surface and back”

“Brace yourselves for a night in paranormal and ufology”

Jeff Mills will continue his pursuit of fusing the worlds of techno and astronomy this February with the inaugural edition of  The Edgar Mitchell Affair.

Taking place on 9th February in Antwerp, Belgium’s Ampere club, Mills will DJ from 11pm to 5am with specially curated visuals designed to coincide with the parties theme of “paranormal and ufology”.

The party is described as “a transformable musical journey to the moon’s lunar surface and back. Along the way, you might cross paths alien life or maybe even discover you are actually from a different planet yourself, co-existing with humans all along, without even noticing these differences.”

The theme and title of the party are inspired by late astronaut Edgar Mitchell who, 49 years ago this February, travelled for six days aboard Apollo 14. Upon his return he became a vocal figure on the subject of intelligent extraterrestrial life.

In a 1997 interview with NASA, Mitchell spoke of his six-day journey to space: “To me, that was the culmination of my being, and what can I learn from this? What is it we are learning? That's important, because I think what we're trying to do is discover ourselves and our place in the cosmos, and we don't know. We're still looking for that.”

In his book, The Way of the Explorer, which was published the year before, he wrote, "There was a sense that our presence as space travelers, and the existence of the universe itself, was not accidental but that there was an intelligent process at work.”

Mills hopes to channel that sense of curiosity in this new party. He has also put forward a dress code for occasion, asking those who buy tickets to “Come as something different other than yourself. Transform your appearance. You choose. Free creative make-up assistance will be provided at the location. Your creative cooperation is an aspect of great importance for a full experience.”

Tickets for the party can be bought here.

Mills’ ‘Lost In Space’ orchestral release made its live debut in April 2018. Last year, NASA announced that it had teamed up with Mills and London radio station NTS for a six-part radio series titled ‘Jeff Mills: The Outer Limits’. You can listen to that here.

Jeff Mills will return to Amsterdam’s Dekmantel festival in July this year.