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Klute gets mystical on new roller, 'Soul Boy': Premiere

Taken from his new LP, 'Read Between The Lines'...

Klute drops his brand new album 'Read Between The Lines' tomorrow (31st March), and we've got a scrumptious little taster ahead of time with today's premiere, 'Soul Boy'.

As announced by DJ Mag last month, the album will mark the eighth long-player from the respected drum & bass veteran, promising "elements of techno, soundtracks, library, shoegaze, experimental jazz, '60s psychedelia and ambient soundscapes" across its 15 tracks.

'Soul Boy', however, is a straight up d&b roller, offering masterfully arranged, pattering drumwork and warm, enveloping bass — no wonder it's seen support from a host of top names already, including Friction, Doc Scott and DJ Flight.

'Read Between The Lines' drops via Klute's Commercial Suicide imprint, grab a copy via the label Bandcamp and check out 'Soul Boy' in full below.

'Read Between The Lines' Tracklist

01. 'Come To The End (feat. Naomi Pryor)'
02. 'Lose My Way (feat. Stamina MC)'
03. 'You Wont Like It'
04. 'Soul Boy'
05. 'Angel Makers'
06. 'Earth Spits Out The Living'
07. 'Accept Our Power (feat. Klute)'
08. 'Lost Sales'
09. 'Crimson'
10. 'The Dreams'
11. 'Game Is Over (feat. Robert Manos)'
12. 'Clappy'
13. 'Psycho Subvert'
14. 'The Power Of The Light'
15. 'We Will Return'