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The Lego Moog Sub Phatty is what every synth fanatic needs

LEGO, Moog; what else is there?

The Lego Moog Sub Phatty is what every synth fanatic needs, because it combines two of the greatest inventions of the 20th Century. LEGO— building blocks of any healthy childhood— and Moog, which just announced its new drum machine, Drummer From Another Mother, after upgrading the award-winning Sub 37 synth last summer.   

As reported in a story on Electronic Beats, this incredible creation is a one off, and belongs to a Reddit user known as nxtquy, who built the replica from the world's favourite toy to celebrate buying a real life Sub Phatty. Perhaps most impressively, the keys can be pressed and the iconic mod wheel spins, just like the real thing. 

"I got the Moog Sub Phatty about a week ago (my first analog synthesizer!)," nxtquy explained in a Reddit post. "As someone who loves to model things with Lego bricks I thought I’d make this miniature model since the Sub Phatty is such a beauty (and it sounds amazing).

"All the pieces in the model are 100% LEGO, everything is connected, took me a good 20 hours for the whole thing. The keys can be pressed, pitch/mod wheels turned, and one of the buttons light up just like the real thing. I have instructions as well if anyone’s interested in building one of these guys.”