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Moog launches new drum machine, Drummer From Another Mother

Will set you back $599…

Moog has announced a new Eurorack compatible drum machine called Drummer From Another Mother.

The drum machine is actually a commercial version of a limited DIY kit, which was available at Moogfest last year and is the second member of Moog's Eurorack family of hardware.

Unlike most drum machines, the DFAM is monophonic and therefore can only play one sound at a time.

Where the possibilities come is by using the modular patchbay on the right side of the DFAM's faceplate.

The DFAM includes one white noise generator, two oscillators with square and triangle waveforms, and one external audio input.

Each DFAM will include some Moog patch cables in the box and will cost $599.

Check out the drum machine in action below.