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London nightclub to become food warehouse to help vulnerable people during coronavirus pandemic

Studio 338 will also provide a shopping service

A London nightclub will transform into a food warehouse to help vulnerable people during the coronavirus pandemic.

Following the outbreak of COVID-19 and the government-advised social distancing practices, which will impact vulnerable members of the community, London nightclub Studio 338 has revealed plans to transform its venue space.

Taking to Facebook to write a statement, Head of Music and Events Dan Perrin shared that during the week the venue would would become a food bank, storage, and distribution centre.

"So we are in the process of early planning to make 338 into a temporary food bank/storage/distribution centre during the weekdays when we are not open to bring food to elderly and vulnerable people in South London," Perrin wrote. "Right now, one of the main priorities for us is to ensure that people who are most at risk are not forced to go out and can stay at home and have essentials brought to them there.

As I say, this is in planning stages now and so I would love to hear from:

- People who have charity management experience. Particular in food banks or homeless shelters or elderly charities

- Any companies, especially our sponsors who would like to contribute financially or with resources. For example do we know anyone who is high up in supermarket chains?

- People who would have spare time to help organise, stock and store food in the club and also distribute it to peoples homes

- Any other ideas or key elements I have missed"

Perrin added that they will "also need a small army of people who are willing to go shopping on behalf of vulnerable people in their local area," and once Studio 338 have worked through the initial "logistics", they will set up a way for clubbers to donate to the cause too.

If you'd like to be involved and can help with any of the above requests, email [email protected] or [email protected], and see the full post below.

Late last week, an online petition was created to support those in the events industry during the pandemic. The news comes amid global event and festival cancellations, club and venue closures, and limitations or bans being placed on mass gatherings.

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