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Mary Anne Hobbs: "I’d rather gnaw my own leg off than go to Ibiza"

BBC jock clearly isn't a fan of the White Isle...

Not everyone is besotted by Ibiza as much as we are. Mary Annie Hobbs admitted during a crate-digging feature with The Guardian recently that she'd "rather gnaw my own leg off than go to Ibiza".

The BBC Radio 6 DJ was asked to name a track she would play during an Ibiza sunset, and that's when she offered her thoughts on the island's allure, or lack thereof, and then countered with an answer to her own question.

"But if you asked the same question about Sonar, I’d go for a little piano from Nils," said Hobbs.

There's no real explanation of why Hobbs doesn't like Ibiza — but it could be anything from the island's VIP culture to the lack of diversity when it comes line-ups or even the music on offer.

You can check out her excellent crate-digging feature in full here.