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Matt Karmil announces new album, STS371, on Smalltown Supersound

The UK producer's fifth studio album features "on the fly" production methods

UK producer and engineer Matt Karmil has announced 'STS371', his fifth studio album and the follow-up to 2018's 'Will'.

Made largely while Karmil was travelling, the record was finished while waiting for the completion of his music studio in The Cotswolds, and as a result he favoured “on the fly” production methods to complete it.

“It was not a linear process of recording,” Karmil says, “and in the end the majority of the work was to arrange and choose the right sounds and vibe.”

Since his last LP, Matt Karmil co-produced and mixed Kornél Kovács' 'Stockholm Marathon' and worked with Matias Aguayo for Crammed Discs and Talaboman for R&S, as an engineer, mixing and mastering.

'PB' is the lead single from the album, with Karmil stating that he made it "over an extended period, having made a 120bpm tune with the same texture and then resampled it and upped the tempo one evening in Cologne. I wanted to make [a] committed acid track that draws you in and worked hard to get the drums, percussion and main melody working in harmony, but swapping roles a little.”

Hear it below.

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Pre-order 'STS371' here.