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A new documentary about the impact of coronavirus on electronic music has been released: Watch

Pioneer DJ present Distant Dancefloors

A new documentary about the impact of coronavirus on electronic music has been released.

Released on Wednesday this week (5th August), a new documentary from Pioneer DJ, entitled Distant Dancefloors, presents a 360-degree view of the economical, psychological and social impact COVID-19 has had on global club culture.

Sharing their thoughts and experiences over the last six months, the film features commentary from the likes of Blond:ish, Eats Everything, Honey Dijon, Luciano and Rebuke, as well as industry insiders including Kevin Watson, Author of the International Music Summit Business Report & Paul Reed the Association of Festivals, artist managers and fans. 

"Overnight, the music was made to stop; venues were forced to close, festivals and live events cancelled, and thousands of livelihoods put in jeopardy," Pioneer DJ shared in a statement alongside the trailer. "Distant Dancefloors goes back to the beginning when the virus took hold; the first warnings, global realisation and the resulting lockdown.

"We hear the contrasting opinions of artists as they look to respond to the crisis giving their view on the future of the industry. Will video streaming become the new normal? Will streaming remain popular once we return to clubs? Is this a chance to change the industry for the better? What has been the impact felt by the hundreds and thousands of people whose livelihoods depend on the industry? Can the dancefloor exist in a time of social distancing? Distant Dancefloors investigates."

Check out the trailer for the documentary below.