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New Ibiza tourism law seeks to decrease number of annual visitors

Less beds mean higher rates…

A new Ibiza tourism law seeks to cap the number of beds available for international visitors to the White Isle. The legislation is in response to locals’ claims that tourism numbers have impacted rental rates.

As tourism to the island continues to rise, partially due to terrorist fears in Egypt and Tunisia, the local authorities have placed a cap on tourist beds at 623,624. With The Times reporting that this number will be reduced by an additional 120,000 in the coming years.

Airbnb and HomeAway users are also affected by the ruling. The services will soon be further regulated by obligatory licenses. A fine of up to €400,000 may be payable if rules are broken.  

International authorities are perplexed on the ruling. “It’s very strange for an island like Majorca (and Ibiza) to come up with anti-tourism laws when it is vital to its economy,” comments Tom Jenkins, chief executive of the European Tour Operators Association. “Political parties [appear to be] using tourism to further their political agenda.” 

This new ruling is a continuation of ongoing legislation to curb the Spanish islands party atmosphere. Over the last two summer seasons, authorities have adjusted decibel levels, attempted to ban drinking into Ibiza and threated closure to numerous outdoor venues.

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