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The new version of FL Studio is now available

20.6 comes with a number of new features including BURN TO MIDI

FL Studio has launched the latest version of its flagship music production software, edition 20.6.

Available in beta form for now, the latest update comes with a number of new features. Amongst them are a Stepsequencer (which allows users to explore more complex beat patterns such as Euclidean rhythms), a split of Newtone into two plugins (Newtone is now exclusively for stretching while Newtime takes care of time warping), and the BURN TO MIDI function, which will record notes from a channel to the piano roll within the programme. This particular function will now give users the ability to record note output from a plugin, from a channel's arpeggiator or any plugins that generate MIDI notes.

The addition of Audio Export allows users to render their tracks straight to their SoundCloud accounts and the DirectWave function now supports FLAC files. 

Find out more about FL Studio here.

A few months ago, FL Studio added a new synth, dubbed FLEX, to its software.