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Arielle Lana LeJarde
10 June 2024, 15:20

Noods Radio releases fundraising compilation to help save its Bristol headquarters

The 23-track release features friends of the radio station and venue

Photo of a street party taking place outside Mickey Zoggs, home of Noods Radio

Bristol's Noods Radio has released a fundraising compilation titled 'Miracle On Surrey Street' to help it buy Mickey Zoggs, the pub that houses the radio station.

The album includes 23 tracks from the likes of Yokel, aircode, Richie Culver, JK Flesh and more. All proceeds will go toward the deposit to purchase the pub.

"Surrey Street has seen the full remit of freaks and weirdos from across the globe declare their musical prowess to the community," Noods Radio wrote in a press release. "However, this is in jeopardy with Mickey Zoggs at risk of development, and by extension, Noods Radio at risk of being unable to continue broadcasting."

The station continued: "Let's not let another venue be destroyed at the whim of a failing country — this time calls for extreme music and extreme action."

Last month, Noods Radio launched a fundraising campaign to save Mickey Zoggs. It has reached £47,904 of its £70,000 goal at the time of writing.

Listen to the compilation below and donate by purchasing the compilation on Bandcamp or contributing to Crowdfunder.