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object blue remixes Murlo’s ‘Limbo’ for Dolos: Flashbacks project: Listen

It's part of a series of re-interpretations of tracks from Murlo's recent album

object blue has remixed Murlo as part of the latter's recently-announced 'Dolos: Flashbacks' series.

The project sees Murlo handpick a number of producers to reinterpret tracks from his latest album, 'Dolos', and launched earlier this month with Yamaneko remixing 'Ferment' from the record. object blue has taken on 'Limbos' and you can hear her interpretation of the track below.

Each artist participating in the project has been encouraged to pick a different track from the album, which was released both digitally and as a hand-drawn graphic novel, and were encouraged to reinterpret it any way they see fit. After hearing their remix, Murlo has set about creating his own visual artwork to accompany the rework. His artwork for object blue's remix can be viewed in the embed below.

In addition to the 'Dolos: Flashbacks' project, Murlo has also lined up two further dates for his live audiovisual show, with appearances set for Bristol's Simple Things on October 19th and at Manchester's Warehouse Project on December 7th. Further additions to the 'Flashbacks' series will follow through the rest of this year. 

Last month, object blue released her latest EP, the two-track 'FIGURE BESIDE ME'.

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