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Pioneer DJ announce new white CDJs and DJM

Is this the sexiest setup ever?

Pioneer DJ have announced a new white version of the CDJ-2000nxs2 players and DJM-900nxs2 mixer. The new units are limited to run of 1,800 for the CDJs and 900 for the mixer and each unit will come with a plaque with a unique serial number. While there’s nothing new about the specs of the memorable CDJ-2000nxs2-W, few would argue there’s been a sexier CDJ released yet. We need them at DJ Mag HQ!

Expect the limited run to be snapped up almost entirely by the White Isle, Sensation and Larry Heard but if you do manage to get your hands on them, don’t worry, there’s already a white Pioneer DJ PLX turntable. Why not go all out and get a vintage Brionvega system? Just don't spill a beer on it.