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Martin Guttridge-Hewitt
21 September 2023, 12:58

Rainy Miller and Space Afrika announce collaborative project, ‘A Grisaille Wedding’

The first time the artists have worked together in album format

Rainy Miller Space Afrika A Grisaille Wedding
Frankie Casillo

Rainy Miller and Space Afrika have announced a new collaborative project, 'A Grisaille Wedding'. The album will land on 16th November via Miller's own Fixed Abode imprint. 

The release will be the first album-scale effort to arrive from Space Afrika since their critically acclaimed 2021 record, 'Honest Labour', and follows Miller's landmark 'DESQUAMATION' last year. The artists have never worked together on a full-length before, but share ties to North West England's electronic scenes.

Inspired by the idea of finding light in the darkest of places, the forthcoming collection marries musique concrete and soundscape techniques with noise, contemporary electronica and ambient, placing an emphasis on lyricism. Mica Levi, Coby Sey, Voice Actor, Iceboy Violet, BobbieOrkid, RenzNiro, and Richie Culver all make guest appearances. Watch the video for 'Maybe It's Time To Lay Down The Arms (feat. Mica Levi)' below. 

“Trust guides bold and lawless production, which feels like a perfect celebration of each of our more intricate skills, leading first with fun and second with ambition,  without hesitation and no wrong paths when exploring options during the music's development," Space Afrika said of the project. 
“In its moments, it is romantic, harsh and revealing. A controlled drama, and catharsis allowing room for progressive ideas. With this understanding, and the acceptance, supported by strong contributions, allowed us to grow and the collaboration naturally lead on a path of versatility, enlightening, exploring the application of adding dimension and moving away from darker notions and toward new forms, light," they continued. 

Pre-order the album here.