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Skrillex, Flowdan, PEEKABOO and G-Rex come together on new single, ‘Badders’: Listen

Skrillex turns his hand to classic dubstep alongside some key collaborators

Photo of Skrillex wearing a black turtleneck jumper in front of a white background

Skrillex has teamed up with fellow producers PEEKABOO and G-Rex, alongside MC Flowdan, on a new single, ‘Badders’. Check it out below.

The track, which dropped on Friday (18th August), marks the follow up to PEEKABOO, Flowdan and Skrillex’s ‘Hydrate’, a fan-favourite collaboration from Skrillex’s ‘Quest For Fire’ album.

‘Badders’ began as the creation of Detroit-based producers and close friends, PEEKABOO and G-Rex, before Flowdan heard the track during a studio session and laid down his verses. Skrillex later finished up the arrangement with some classic dubstep-leaning production.

“G-Rex, one of my best friends, was going through some personal hardships, so I invited him to come to Detroit,” PEEKABOO said of the collaboration, “I thought we could channel that emotion into our music, and that’s when we created ‘Badders’. Working with Flowdan was an incredible experience; he's such a wizard at creating lyrics... The same goes for Skrillex; he genuinely cares about music.”

‘Badders’ has garnered a formidable response in the club, with the track being reloaded seven times during a recent b2b set between Skrillex, PEEKABOO, Sicaria, and Flowdan at Fire in Vauxhall earlier this month.

Skrillex, PEEKABOO, Sicaria and Flowdan also reunited to record a two-hour Badders Radio special live from London record shop, KINDRED, alongside M1OnTheBeat and Sarz. Watch it back in full here.

‘Badders’ is out now. Listen to the collaborative single below.