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Spotify extends free trial to three months for new subscribers

The streaming services hopes to court new users... 

Apple Music has long been a thorne in Spotify’s side. While Spotify has twice the subscribers than its main competitor, Spotify is now extending free trials of its Premium services to three months to match Apple’s offer.  

Spotify previously only offered a 30-day free trial. But it’s now hoping to bring in more users who will then become long-term paid subscribers.

The offer is available today worldwide for individual and student plans for users who haven't yet tried Premium. It will then be available for Duo and Family in the coming months. The offer won’t expire, but once the three-month trial period ends for anyone who signs up, a Premium account will cost the same as it does now — $9.99 per month.

Offers like these have helped the continued growth of Spotify, which is leading the pack with 108 million subscribers. However, when news broke earlier this month, investors weren’t happy, and its stock briefly tumbled.  

Elsewhere, Spotify is tangled in an appeal against increases in songwriting royalties. The proposal would increase royalties from 10.5% to 15.1% in the United States over a period of five years. 

Earlier this year, Spotify reportedly began charging songwriters and publishers following what it called “overpayments.”