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There’s now an Ibiza-themed Monopoly board game by Pacha

Just try not to wind up in Ibiza jail 

If you’ve ever wanted to own one of the most famous nightclubs in the world, Pacha Ibiza have made your dream a tiny bit closer to reality. 

With the new Pacha Ibiza edition of Monopoly, players can be the DJ, land a VIP table, drink cocktails, build your own venue, and plan your own Ibiza holiday. And just like regular Monopoly, if everyone else goes bankrupt, you win.  

The Pacha edition focuses almost exclusively on the club. For instance, Park Lane and Mayfair of the London edition are Main Room and Pacha VIP, respectively. Destino, Lío and the Pacha Hotel also make appearances.  

In 2013, Monopoly launched a general Ibiza themed edition. And last year, Korg released a Monopoly board game skin for their popular Mono/Poly app. 

To find out how to get your own Pacha edition Monopoly, head here.