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April Clare Welsh
23 September 2022, 15:45

Ukrainian artists launch new monthly playlist project, VIBURNUM

ViBURNUM aims to introduce people to a genre-spanning mix of new and old Ukrainian music, including electronic artists


Ukrainian artists Andrey Stukan aka Questions4Later and Andrew Lisanov have launched a new monthly playlist project called ViBURNUM that aims "to highlight the varied essence of Ukrainian music and introduce it to a wider audience," according to a press release.

ViBURNUM hopes to introduce people to a genre-spanning mix of both new and old Ukrainian artists, including rap and electronic music. The playlist will be updated monthly with new music and artwork, intended to showcase a major Ukrainian landmark.

Questions4Later teamed up with Kyiv-based 3D designer and video director Andrew Lisanov, who designed the playlist’s distinctive cover art and who also shot and co-directed the Off White campaign video for Ukraine, as well as filming the late Virgil Abloh when he was on his trip to Kyiv last year.

“I have been closely following the war and supporting my friends and family back in Ukraine, and I decided to share and raise awareness about Ukraine via a medium close to my heart and trade: music,” said Questions4Later in a press release.

Check out the first ViBURNUM playlist below. The project is supported by the Support Ukraine Now platform 

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