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Jack Ramage
13 December 2023, 16:31

Vera Grace releases debut album, ‘INFERNVM’: Listen

The nine-track album explores themes of sin, punishment and catharsis

Vera Grace releases debut album

Vera Grace has dropped her debut album ‘INFERNVM’. Check it out below. 

Out now via Berlin’s Deestricted label, the nine-track album from the rising hard techno artist explores themes of sin, punishment and catharsis.

‘INFERNVM’ follows a spree of EPs shared by the Amsterdam-based artist and DJ – including ‘Eternal Perdition’ and ‘Manipulation’ which were both dropped on the Sacred Court label, with further singles released on Elements and Nulleins. 

The album draws inspiration from Dante's Inferno, the initial segment of his poem, The Divine Comedy. Following Dante's journey through Hell, guided by the ancient poet Virgil, the poem illustrates Hell as nine concentric circles of torment within the Earth – with each circle representing a distinct sin and its corresponding punishment. Speaking on the release, Vera Grace said: ”My aim was to create a journey from the first to the last track, drawing inspiration from raw hypnotic techno and converting it into a heavier sound.” 

Vera Grace has a series of performances lined up at various venues across The Netherlands and Germany in the upcoming months, including Awakenings Eindhoven on January 27th, 2024. Revisit DJ Mag’s recent feature on Awakenings, the Dutch techno institution, here

Listen to the new album, ‘INFERNVM’, below.