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You can now stream Beatport's entire catalogue to rekordbox dj

Beatport's LINK system now also includes offline storage...

Beatport have brought their new LINK DJ streaming system to Pioneer DJ's rekordbox dj software. The streaming capabilities allow users to stream Beatport's entire catalogue of over six million tracks directly into DJ software. Having already announced the service for other software, rekordbox dj is the first program to allow users to store up to 100 tracks offline in a 'locker', to remove the risk of potential internet connectivity issues. 

To take advantage of the full 100 tracks, users will have to subscribe to Beatport's flagship Beaport LINK PRO+ sub model, at the cost of $59.99 a month. This includes a "higher than 320kbps" bitrate streaming quality, which we're told is 256kbps AAC – the same format used by Apple for their iTunes downloads. 

CEO of Beatport Robb McDaniels said: "Beatport’s CEO, ​Robb McDaniels​, commented, “At present, most DJs can’t easily stream music directly into a club set-up. With our offline locker technology, laptop DJs can now store tracks offline to play without worrying about Wi-Fi. This game-changing technology will give DJs a huge selection of new tracks they can confidently take to gigs to combine with their download collections.”

Beatport LINK is available as a free trial for 30 days here and is currently Mac only. it's already available for iOS through Pioneer DJ's WeGo DJ app