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Kyle Hall and O B Ignitt feature on the Detroit producer’s fifth record

Omar-S has announced details of his fifth album, set to be released later this month.

‘The Best’ comes out on the Detroit producer’s FXHE label on 31st March and will feature collaborations with Norm Talley, O B Ignitt, Kyle Hall and Tom Bugs.

The 11-track LP will be the DJ's first since 2013’s ‘Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself’.

Juno Plus was also sent a "review" of the album credited to O.G. Bobby Johnson, which reads:

“The Best Omar S, newest album simply reflects the singer, songwriter/producer’s brilliant career-always vogue, forever moving forward, yet transcending trend to find its place among the classics. The 11 selections gracing album, produced by Omar S is just what you never expect from a modern entertainment LEGEND!!!!”


01. Time MO 1 (Mix by Norm Talley)
02. Ah’Revolution
03. Chama Piru’s
04. Bugging Out feat. Tom Buggs
05. Bitch… I’ll Buy Another One
06. You Silk Suit Wearing MuLaFuuk’ka
07. Smash feat. O B Ignitt and Kyle Hall
08. Take Ya Pik Nik
09. Seen Was Set
10. On Your Way feat. Divinity
11. Heard Chew Single feat. John FM