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Check out his new animated video too

Rex The Dog’s return to Kompakt Records has seen the producer come full circle.

He's set to play at Kompakt’s Off Sonar’s showcase this Friday in Barcelona at NITSA alongside The Orb, David DK, and Michael Mayer.

Ahead of the party, Rex The Dog (real name Jake Williams) has created a brand-new mixtape alongside a clever animated video that explains what the producer has been up to over the last three years.

It’s turns out that Rex wasn’t satisfied with current crop of hardware synthesizers that he’d accumulated over the years and decided to enrol in an electronics course to build his own modular synth.

Those classes spawned his first piece of handmade hardware, the aptly named RTD- 001 sampler, which now sits proudly inside his new modular synthesizer, which he used to create last month's 'Sicko'. 

Listen to Rex The Dog's Summer Mix for Kompakt below.