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Model 1


DJ Mag attempts to find out just why he's so popular...

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New compilation charts the rise of the iconic label

Polish-born artist switches up from last month's accomplished debut album

Why are masks so popular in dance music?

With summer's subterranean smash tune ‘Jack’ signed to a major and chart success beckoning, Ben Westbeech, aka Breach, tells us how he’s heading for the top by staying true to the underground...

Exclusive promo mix of Terry Farley acid house comp

Funk-dripped drum & bass head plays us his most inspiring tracks

For 20 years, DJmag has been in amongst it, at the vanguard of dance and electronic music culture, commentating, conversing and partying within the scene that we live and breathe.
But flashback to the start — how did it all begin? What was it like to be there? How did DJmag grow into the entity it is today?
We’re gonna go back, way back, into the mists of time, as we celebrate 20 years of DJ Magazine…