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Declan McGlynn
29 May 2024, 14:57

Arturia announces PolyBrute 12: “The most expressive synthesiser ever”

The French company has revealed an update to its popular mega synth

arturia polybrute 12 on a black background

Arturia has announced a new synth, the PolyBrute 12, which the French company is calling “the most expressive synthesiser ever”.

The 12-voice poly synth, which is fully analogue, is an update to the popular PolyBrute that Arturia released in September 2020. The new piece of hardware builds on the features of the original, adding new performance elements like a Full-Touch MPE keyboard with polyphonic aftertouch expression. MPE is a technology adopted by ROLI, which features a spongey keyboard that allows full control of things like filter and vibrato. With the PolyBrute 12, you can modulate any parameter using MPE, essentially making every key a dynamic modulation source.

The 12-voice architecture doubles that of its predecessor, and the unit also features analogue oscillators, filters, and the modulation matrix from the original. There’s also integrated FX and 480 presets on board to get you started.

Another unique aspect of the PolyBrute was its integration of the Morphée controller, an alternative to a mod wheel, that allows you to transition between three destination parameters at once. The Morphée has returned on the 12, allowing users even more control beyond the MPE key and mod matrix. A new plugin, called PolyBrute Connect, also offers complete DAW integration, allowing you to manage your patches, and control the synth parameters directly from your software of choice. 

The PolyBrute 12 retails for £3,499. You can find out more on the Arturia website, and watch the video below to hear the new synth in action.