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Declan McGlynn
2 January 2024, 14:42

Arturia launches V Collection X 

The long-running plugin collection adds new Acid V, MiniFreak V and CP-70 V instruments

arturia acid v

Arturia has launched a new update to its long-running V Collection suite of plugin clones of classic hardware.

Now in its tenth version, the V Collection now contains 39 plugins, including a series of new additions like the Acid V, Minifreak V and CP-70V. The French plugin and hardware developer has also added three new Augmented titles — Brass, Grand Piano and Woodwinds — two remakes, namely the Mini V and Wurli V, and three expansion packs of new sounds.

The Acid V is a throwback to the classic acid house unit the Roland TB-303. MiniFreak V is a standalone plugin version of Arturia’s hardware of the same name, and CP-70 V is a new piano plugin, based on Yamaha’s classic keys of the same name.

Mini V was previously available inside the V Collection and is a clone of the Minimoog — the new version has added polyphony and some new modulation options. The Wurli V also got a makeover in the form of a new effects rack and updated physical modelling.

You can find out more about Arturia’s new V Collection X on their website

The French company has been busy recently, having also announced a new high-end audio interface in October.